• Extra wide seat with leg padding
  • High padded head/backrest
  • No shoulder strain
  • No dangling legs
  • Sleep hood available
  • 2 years - 6 years

Preschool is one of the biggest transitions a child will go through. With all the changes and being away from home, sometimes preschoolers need a little special snuggle time, too. The Kanga-XTP is made just for them.

The XTP includes other features exclusive to Bloo Kangaroo carriers, including side extensions, fabric waist, and padded headrest. In addition, this carrier is 2" taller than the Kanga-XT and the extra large side extensions make the seating area a generous 18" wide.

The side extensions work together with the flat panel back, creating a "sling seat" giving your child plenty of room to be comfortable while still keeping them securely against you. This minimizes shoulder strain and focuses the child's weight straight down - making your hips do the work, not your shoulders and back. With the Kanga-XTP, being a preschooler doesn't mean giving up being carried.

The Kanga-XTP can be used with children two through six years of age, depending on the height of the child, and may be purchased with a generously sized sleep hood.