Custom Carriers

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Want a Bloo Kangaroo carrier with your style in mind? Get a Custom!

All Custom Kanga's include a basic strap fabric (twill and organic options are available on request) and your choice of print fabric. All Kanga-J carriers include a removeable hood at no extra charge. All hoods will be made from the chosen strap fabric unless a printed hood option is purchased. The Kanga-X2, Kanga-XT, and Kanga-XTP do not come standard with hoods, but removeable hoods may be purchased separately for these.

There are several options available for your custom carrier including custom sizing, applique's, and printed hoods. The fees for these options can be found in the table at the bottom of the page.

A wide variety of Hand-dyed canvases are available. I also offer custom dyed canvas which allows you to choose just about any color you can imagine for your carrier straps.

  • Custom Sizing
I'm pretty flexible on sizing. The only sizing that I can't change are the widths of the carriers usually. The XTP has the largest bottom width that will work on a Bloo Kangaroo carrier. I will be happy to change just about every other aspect of the carrier you would like (please note, I do NOT make carriers with pleats) This includes waist length, shoulder strap length, carrier body height, carrier headrest height, webbing length, and hood size. Petite shoulder straps are 2" shorter than standard, XL are 2" longer than standard. If you have any questions, just ask, I can let you know pricing for other modifications and how to order. Please keep in mind that extreme modifications may affect the overall design and fit of the carrier. Custom carriers with optional modifications are non-returnable.

  • Hood Options
Kanga-J carriers come standard with removeable hoods. You may choose to have your carrier print on the top or bottom of the hood or both sides. The Kanga-X2,XT,and XTP may be ordered with a removeable hood which can also be made of the printed fabric.

  • Applique's
You may choose to have your carrier made with an applique'. I've done several unique applique's and I'm always open to something a little different. Pretty much anything can be made into an applique' as long as it can be confined to a basic shape. If you have something in mind for your applique', please let me know. If you don't hava a preference, I will choose one for you. The applique' on Kanga-J carriers will be placed on the hood. Appliques for all other sizes will be placed on the headrest unless otherwise specified (please tell me if you would like it on the hood instead). Elaborate applique's may incur extra charges.

  • Paneled Carriers

All carriers have the option of being a multiple fabric (paneled) carrier. This is a carrier with 2 prints or a solid/print combination for the front of the carrier. This option is available on all Kangas.

Click Here for information on how to join the Custom List.
Bloo Kangaroo opens the custom list twice a year. Once in February and again in late summer/fall. In-stocks are made periodically throughout the year and listed on the Yahoo group and the Facebook page.

Custom Shoulder Straps (Petite or XL)$10.00
Custom Waist (Petite or XL)$10.00
Removeable Kanga-XT Hood$15.00
Printed Hood (one side, bottom or top)$7.00
Printed Hood (both sides)$12.00
Applique' (headrest or hood)$25.00
Full Body Applique'$55.00
2nd Applique' (headrest or hood)$18.00
Hand-dyed canvas$25.00
Multiple fabrics (Paneled) carrier$15.00
Matching Doll Carrier$35.00
Drool pad strap protectors$15.00
Fabric chest straps$10.00
Webbing elastics$5.00

Please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery since I will be making your carrier from scratch and may need to order materials. Please note that custom slings WITHOUT modifications (just your colors, no other options) and In-Stock carriers may be returned within 7 days minus a 15% restocking fee and shipping. Custom carriers with optional modifications are NON-RETURNABLE. As always if you should have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to contact me.