Kanga XTP

3 years and up

Exporing the World

  • 3 years and up
  • Child height 36"+
  • Body Panel 18" to backrest
  • 5" Padded Backrest
  • "Grow with me" Padded Side Extensions
  • Width where child sits = 19"-20"

Preschool is one of the biggest transitions a child will go through. Whether your family will begin the journey of homeschooling or traditional learning, sometimes preschoolers need a little special snuggle time. The Kanga-XTP is made just for them.

The XTP includes other features exclusive to Kanga carriers; including side extensions, fabric waist, and padded headrest. In addition, the Kanga XTP is 2" taller than the Kanga-XT and the extra large Grow with Me" side extensions make the seating area wide enough for preschoolers to ride in comfort.

The Kanga-XTP can be used with children three through six years of age, depending on the height of the child, and may be purchased with a generously sized sleep hood.