Kanga XT

18 months to 3 years

Growing with Kanga

  • 18 months to 3 years
  • Child height 30" to 38"
  • 2T to 4T clothing
  • 5" Padded Backrest
  • "Grow with me" Padded Side Extensions
  • Width where child sits = 17"-18"

The Kanga-XT is the carrier that bridges the gap between toddler and big kid and includes several features not found on any other child carrier.

Seat pleats, darts, and deep contours in other full buckle carriers can keep your child from sitting snuggly against your body. This causes the weight of your child to pull back on your shoulders causing shoulder strain. That hurts!

Because the back of the Kanga is flat, your child sits closer to your body. This directs the child's weight to your hips, not your shoulders and lower back. To increase the width of the carrier, the Kanga uses padded side extensions which come up underneath the child's legs. As the child gets older, these extensions offer more support, allowing the carrier to "grow" with your child. This changes the seating area for the child from a narrow 14 inches without the extensions to a much wider 18".

Wrappers love the Kanga!

The sides of the Kanga XT are only 16" tall, allowing children who are just beginning to grow out of the 15" Kanga-X2 to ride arms out. The Kanga-XT can be used from toddler to 3 years old and beyond, depending on the size of the child.

Talk about more "Bang for your Buck!".