Kanga X2

4 to 18 months

Safety, Security, Peace of Mind.

  • 4 to 18 months
  • Child height to 32"
  • 0-2T clothing
  • Body Panel = 15" to headrest
  • 4" Padded Headrest
  • Carrier width of 13"

If your little one loves to be "arms out" in a carrier, the Kanga-X2 is the carrier for you.

The Kanga X2 features a headrest to keep those little heads and backs snug while sleeping. Like the Kanga-XT, the sides of the Kanga-X2 headrest are low enough for little arms to reach over without creating stress on the wearer's shoulders. The sides of the carrier are 15" tall and 13.5" wide.

Very few carriers on the market give you wearability over such a large range of ages than the Kanga-X2 and the Kanga-XT. The Kanga-X2 can be used with children from four months to approximately 18 months, depending on the height of the child.

Because this carrier has a headrest, the hood for the Kanga-X2 is optional and may be purchased separately. It attaches on the reverse by velcro at the sides of the headrest. For a custom, semi-custom, or pre-order Kanga X2, the larger XT side extensions may be substituted for the smaller X2 extensions, adding an additional 2" to the width of the carrier.