Kanga BK

4 years and up

Carried with Love

  • 4 to 7 years*
  • Child height 40"+
  • Body Panel 18" to backrest
  • 7" Padded Backrest
  • "Grow with me" Padded Side Extensions
  • Width where child sits = 22-24"

Whether tired little legs at the end of a busy day, illness, or other special needs; even older children can benifit from being carried.

The Kanga BK, or "Big Kid", is a carrier that Bloo Kangaroo has offered privately for many years, mainly for bigger/older children with special needs. It it is 2" taller in the body than the XTP, 2" wider, and the headrest is 2" taller, making it one of the largest child carriers available. The BK will be an option for all pre-order and custom Kangas beginning in 2018.

The BK includes other features exclusive to Kanga carriers; including side extensions, fabric waist, and padded headrest. The extra large Grow with Me" side extensions make the seating area wide enough for children ages 4 and over to ride in comfort*.

The Kanga-BK may be purchased with a generously sized sleep hood.
*Age and size limitations are based on the average weight/height for children 4-7, but may differ according to the individual child. Children larger than this may be more comfortable in one of the adult carriers on the market.